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About Michele

Michele's unique energy through colour comes from her Russian father and her mother from Corsica Island (France). Colours are her way to express her passion through painting, decorating, & fashion sense. Raised in France, she began her artistic studies at "l'Ecole des Beaux Arts". When her parents moved to Australia, she went to Adelaide Stanley St. School of Art (drawing, silk printing, photography) and later upon moving to the Gold Coast, she went to the Ikebana School of Art (now A.I.C.A) and the Gold Coast School of Art (oil, acrylic, mixed media)

Attending wokshops, was a way to open her eyes to new possibilities.

Michael Taylor (Gold Coast)
Gerard Manion (Brisbane)
Rene Bolton (Gold Coast)
Jeff Makin (Mt. Tamborine G.C)
Peter Griffen (Adelaide) Abstact Painting
Arthur Phillips (Adelaide) Creative Water Colour
Gilbert Dashurt (Adelaide) Plants of Adelaide hills
Daryl Austin (Adelaide) exploring tonal realism.

Sharing her ideas and experiences, led her to have Art Exhibitions.

Gold Coast Exhibition Center
Fingerprint Gallery in Robina
Bruce Macfie Fine Art Gallery
Gallery One Contempory Art
Oriel Gallery in Brisbane

Michele exposes her viewers to a portion of her rich heritage. She is unafraid to challenge the conventional approaches to art, yet still delivers a warmth of familiarity with the emotions of her subjects and landscapes.

It will be up to your appreciation "YOU" the viewer.